What Makes The Whale Sharks Of Exmouth So Exciting?

Exmouth is one of the beautiful town situated in the Ningaloo reef. Every year, the number of tourism in this part of the Australia is growing and getting more and more popular because of the very unique and adventurous experiences. These holidays are not just for the young people but there is a whole variety of the activities which can be performed by people of all ages. But the reason why most of the people visit is because of the whale sharks of Exmouth. There is number of reasons why this whale shark tour is so different and exciting are listed below:

Not only see but swim with whale sharks in Exmouth:

What most of the sea tours in different parts of the country and around the world include is that you sit on the boat with your binoculars and look for various sea animals around you as you go into the sea but in the Exmouth you do not just see them but you get to jump in the sea and then swim with these. So this is something you will only get when being in Exmouth.

Plenty of Exmouth whale sharks:

There is an abundance of unique marine life one of which is the whale sharks and are easily found to swim with. There are almost 4000 whale sharks in this area which goes from Exmouth to Ningaloo reef. The reason why there are this much whale sharks is because of the temperature climate and because of the minerals in the water. So if you visit the Exmouth or Ningaloo during the months ranging from the March to July then you will get to see plenty of sea life and it is not possible that you miss any of these. But in case if you do miss you can always try again and a suitable time is given to you by your tour guide.

Exquisite sea creature:

The whale sharks of Exmouth are unique than other fish as these are 40 feet long which makes them the largest in the entire world. The size scares some people but this sea animal is very calm and does not really harm the humans in any sense. Although the word “shark” is quite the contrary since the sharks are known to be deadly animals as the diet of these whale sharks are only plankton fish but this does not mean that the safety precautions should be ignored because as these are very large and could accidently harm the humans if they get in too much close contact so you have to follow the guidelines which are given to you by your safety guide. Another reason why you these are so exciting is because this kind of the specie is endangered and increased pollution could wipe these off so while these are present on the earth you should witness them.